August 16, 2017

78 % Gotland Ram lamb and Twin 60% Gotland x BFL ewe lambs available from the 2017 Lamb Crop. Watch here for photos and more information!

April 3, 2016

Fleeces Available for 2016

Have just posted pictures of the fleeces from the 2016 clip that are still available.  These are mostly fleeces from my commercial ewes (Border Leicester and Romney or BFL X.s)  Fleeces have been split into halves down center back to make the sizes more manageable and affordable.  Fleeces have been well skirted.  Email me for more details or to get a shipping estimate.

June 16, 2015

BFL Fleeces Sold Out. 3 Gotland Fleeces left

Fleeces are going quickly.  If you are interested, you would be well advised to make your selections quickly.  The BFL fleeces have all been sold and there are only 3 Gotland fleeces left.  I do however have several very lovely fleeces for handspinning that come from a variety of breeds crossed with BFL.  If you take a look at the Specialty fleece page, you can see what I mean.  These fleeces are from a group of ewes that I bought last fall from Anne Carmichael.  Her fibre flock consisted of Border Leicester, Romney, Corriedale and Texel ewes crossed to a BFL ram.  These fleeces have all been skirted - some were coated and although they may or may not display BFL fleece characteristics, all of these fleeces will be a treat to work with. 

I have had some inquiries about Gotland or BFL breeding stock that might be available for sale this year.  The two Gotland ram lambs (75%) are already spoken for and I will keeping the single ewe lamb.  What may be of interest to some are the BFL x Gotland lambs born this spring.  The fleeces will be quite amazing combining characteristics of both breeds but displaying the length of staple and lock qualities highly prized by fibre artists.  I will get photos posted in the next couple of days!

May 24, 2015

Fleeces Available 2015

Have finally updated the list of fleeces available.

You can go directly to the 2015 BFL and Gotland Fleeces and also to the 2015 BFL Cross and Specialty Fleeces page to see what is currently available.

Fleece drop offs may be possible in the Lower Mainland and in Victoria for a small fee.  There is a fairly good selection at the moment so act quickly.  Fleeces generally sell out quite promptly, but I do have a good selection of processed BFL and Gotland fiber available.

April 12, 2014

Registered Yearlings Available!

I do not anticipate having any Bluefaced Leicester ewe lambs available for sale this fall.  If you are interested in breeding stock, there are four registered BFL yearlings available now.  Click on the 2014 Registered Animals for Sale to see photos etc.  Email me for further information and prices. 

Virtually all of the Gotland fleeces are now sold or spoken for.  There are a few Bluefaced Leicester fleeces available and also some Bluefaced Leicester cross fleeces that are skirted and ready to go.

If you are interested in Gotland fibre, I do have rovings and some handpainted Gotland fibre for sale at the farm or available for shipping.

February 5, 2014

Shearing for 2014

Greetings friends on a very bright but cold February morning.  Despite my best intentions to pay more attention to the blog, I have let my entries lapse AGAIN!  Oh well, life happens. 

Shearing is scheduled for mid February .  Fleece quantities will be limited - I think that I will have only 12-14 Bluefaced Leicester fleeces,  5-6  Gotland fleeces and 5 BFL x fleeces available this year and it seems that there are always more requests than there are fleeces available.   Email me if you would like to be confirmed/added to my list of potential purchasers.

Skirted BFL fleeces will start at $14/lb
Skirted Gotland fleeces will start at  $15 ($20/lb for lamb)
Skirted BFL x fleeces will be $10-12/lb

I will be adding a $10 handling fee in addition to the cost of shipping (which seems to run in the the $20- $25 range) in addition to the actual cost of the shipping.

I am planning on selling the Gotland fleeces as half fleeces (split down centre back from neck to tail) as the fleeces are quite heavy AND this allows me to provide fibre to a more people.  I may do the same thing with a few of the BFL fleeces if I have more requests than I can handle.

September 7, 2013

2013 Gotlands

I have to say that I am more and more impressed with the Gotland sheep.  Not only do they seem hardier than my BFL's but their fleece production is quite amazing.  Lambs born in early April are already sporting fleeces with staples that are about 5 inches long.  Now I am wondering whether to shear this fall, or wait for a longer fleece in the spring time.  There is always some winter damage so it is a tough call.  I will keep you posted.   have set aside one of this year's lambs for slaughter because we would like a chance to evaluate the size and quality of the carcass. 

I have three 82% Gotland rams left. They are recorded rather than registered as the minimum percentage for registering a ram is 87%. One is out of a set of triplets and has a lovely medium grey fleece.  The other is a twin who is slightly lighter in colour and not quite as large.  He is out of a ewe with some Border Leicester in her background and also has a lovely fleece.  There is a third ram that I am watching closely.  He is not quite as large but very well put together with a very dark almost black grey fleece.  He is out of a set of triplets which probably explains why he is just a little bit smaller.


There is also one 62% yearling ram that I kept back last year.  He looks as big as the BFL yearling rams.  It is hard to tell with the extra fleece but he seems to carry more finish. His fleece is quite lovely - a dark steel colour.  

On the female side, I have nothing left!  I am keeping the 82% Gotland ewe lambs and one 62% ewe lamb and the other is already sold.  I will have lambs next spring from two different rams which should make it a little easier to provide those who are interested with starter flock packages.