June 16, 2012

BFL Sale Rams for 2012

Ranfurly 10Z, a son of Myfyrian Blue Dragon. 

Ranfurly 10Z (shown on the left) is not on the sale list but I wanted folks to see what is in store.  He is a son of Myfyrian Blue Dragon - one of the imported AI sires that I used in 2011 and is showing great potential as a future herd sire.

Click on the BFL Sale Rams tab above to see photos and information on the Bluefaced Leicester yearlings and ram lambs for sale.  Luckily I was able to get photos in the last couple of days before it started raining again.
For 2012, rams from three different sire lines are available.  I have some excellent grandsons from the Elite+ Carry House R1 ram, one yearling and four ram lambs all from strong female lines.  The ram lambs have just been weaned, but are already showing strong top lines, solid feet and legs and the great fleece potential with good coverage and lots of perling.

I kept two AI grandsons of the UK Gigrin Red Kite line out of Ward Kelly.  I liked the lambs a great deal but they were both born to yearling ewes and needed a little more time to show their potential.  They have good length, strong feet and legs and excellent fleeces that are very fine and well perled. I sold the ram last year to a commercial breeder who wanted him to produce quality "mules" out of a North Country Cheviot flock.

For those of you with an eye on the fibre market as well as looking toward the production of market lambs I have three coloured rams available.  The yearling ram Jehovah's 572 aka Lenny (imported from Jared Lloyd of Molina Colorado) is one that I used last year and you can see photos of some of his offspring in this year's sale list.  He has excellent length, sound feet and legs, great fleece with good depth of colour. It is still quite dark but starting to show a little more variation in colour.   The coloured rams on the list are Lenny sons.  One is very dark and looks like he will stay that way.  The other is lighter in colour.  Both show excellent conformation as well as having great fleeces. 
For more information, contact me at the farm by phone or email.

June 4, 2012

Yearling Rams for Sale

Ranfurly Norman 254/23Y (SG*)
Grandson of Gigrin Red Kite (UK) 
Out of Ranfurly Vianne 210X (TR)

One of two Gigrin Red Kite sons that I held over, Norman is a really solid ram with excellent fleece qualities.  There are not many Gigrin offspring around so he makes a good choice for someone looking for new bloodlines.

Ranfurly Liam 234/04Y (TW)
Grandson of Carryhouse 281/ R1 E+ (UK)
Out of Bitterroot Lane (TR)

Another yearling out of the outstanding Carryhouse R1 line.  He too is a very solid ram with good bone and body capacity. Strong feet and legs and great fleece qualities.
Ranfurly Geoffrey 260/30Y (SG*)
Grandson of Gigrin Red Kite (UK)
Out of Ranfurly 222X Gina (TW)

This is the other Gigrin Red Kite grandson that I kept.  He is long and strong and moves extremely well. 
 More photos to be posted shortly.