Fibre For Sale

The following items are for sale on a regular basis. Prices may change without notice!

Bluefaced Leicester Rovings  

(Washed at home, carded by Custom Woolen Mills of Carstairs).   

Adult Bluefaced Leicester Roving

These were well received at the Classic last week.  All you have to do is handle the roving and you will be sold.  Lovely soft hand for next to the skin uses.  Dyes beautifully. Spins like a dream.  Even beginners will find this a pleasure to work with!  100 grams for $12 plus shipping and handling.

75% Bluefaced Leicester / 25% Mohair

I managed to spin a small sample - you can produce really fine yarns with that extra lustre that the mohair provides.  This roving is also incredibly soft and spins very easily.  It is a joy to work with!  

100 grams/ $16 plus shipping and handling.

Gotland Roving

Batts are available in three shades of gray.  Produced on the farm with my Duncan carder, the batts are approximately 16" x 24" .  Another beautifully soft fibre that is a pleasure to work with.  Gotland can be used for felting as well as for spinning.   

I also have roving, processed by Custom Woolen Mills of Carstairs available for sale in either a light gray or a medium gray.

Batts or rovings are in 100 grams lots for  $18