May 1, 2010

Lambing results for 2010

Thank goodness - we made it through lambing season! I had great plans of taking photos of each new set of arrivals, but things quickly got out of hand and I never really did catch up. The last lambs were born on April 27 - twin mule ram lambs from a North Country Cheviot mom!

The BFL's were amazing! 10 of 10 ewes lambed. Only the yearling had a single which was great and she is doing a fine job. There was 1 single, 7 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets and finally after much waiting and watching and worrying we were presented with a set of quads! In total there are 13 ewe lambs and 8 ram lambs.

In addition there are twin BFL x Shetland ewe lambs, 1 BFL x NCC ewe lamb and 3 BFL x NCC ram lambs. It was pretty intense with the majority of babies arriving between April 5th and April 17th. Only one lamb was dead at birth (cord ruptured inside we think). I was able to foster one of the quads on to that ewe and am bottle feeding the smallest quad.

So, not only will I have a good selection of replacement ewe lambs to choose from, but there will also be some available for sale!

Watch for photos, but don't hold your breathe!