April 4, 2010

First lambs of the season!

Finally we have some lambs on the ground. Mae was our first ewe to lamb presenting us with twins on April 1st. Friends were visiting for Easter and thought that perhaps we had staged the event just for their benefit. Everyone loves to see animal babies and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to get to watch the process close up!

Maeve (12 lbs) and sister Morag (11 lbs) are doing beautifully. Seeing their first explorations of the great outdoors today was huge fun. Apparently there are only two gears at this point - full throttle and absolute collapse. Nothing makes me laugh faster than watching them "crow hop" around trying to bring four legs into some kind of control!

Possible Quads

Silvie is an older BP ewe who looks like she is carrying quads. We have been pumping her full of extra feed, but you can see from the photo that she is dropping weight. If she doesn't have these babies soon, I think that she might explode!

We had guinea pigs when the kids were little. Momma guinea pigs would look like they had swallowed a dinner plate just before they gave birth. Silvie reminds me of them every time I look at her!