October 26, 2010

Where did September go?

and October for that matter ....

We have been up to our armpits here on Ranfurly Farm putting gardens to bed, finishing up with the harvest and preserving/storing of various veggies and the list just goes on and on.  We had a crowd for Thanksgiving and spent at least part of a day on the Adam's river checking out the salmon run.  The projected numbers were 8 million fish in the Shuswap Lake and its feeder streams of which 5 million of those fish were destined for the Adam's River.  Totally amazing.  It was like watching a moving ribbon of fish that started in the Pacific and made its way all the way up the Fraser to the Thompson to the Little River and finally into Shuswap Lake and the Adam's River itself.

Mike and I are off on Sunday to pick up rams in Montana so that we can get our breeding season underway just a wee bit earlier than last year.  The sheep are in excellent shape and I am very impressed with my lambs.  I sent 4 lambs to slaughter this week - three are BFLxNCC mules and the fourth was a ram lamb that I did not want to keep.  I had them shorn before putting them in the trailer so have some lamb fleeces for sale. There is quite a bit of variation in the three fleeces - two show more NCC character and one is totally BFL in character. 

I still have some ram lambs available for sale.  They are absolutely ready to work and looking really good.  Mike was reading an article highlighting the value of BFL mules in the UK commercial industry.  Hopefully more Canadian breeders will see what these cross bred lambs look like and want to get involved in  improving their own bottom lines!