August 6, 2010

Peidgrees and Prices

Dear Friends,

I am scrambling to catch up to all of my sheep related chores.  I will be posting more photos of the animals that I have for sale as soon as I can get better pictures.  Weaned ram lambs earlier this week and am astonished by how large they look now that they are on their own.  I have an updated price list (just email me if you would like to look at it) and also an information package if you are not familiar with BFL's and how they can contribute to commercial flocks as meat animals as well as producing fantastic fibre. 

And speaking of fibre, I took three BFL fleeces to the Oregan Black Sheep Gathering - Judge Judith McKenzie and placed 1st, 2nd and 6th in a class of 12 BFL fleeces from 7 or 8 breeders.  I was pretty proud of my little flock!

Will try and post a photo of the shawl that I entered in the Spinner's Lead competition - all handspun BFL.  It is one of the few projects that I have actually completed (thank goodness that you can always spin some more when you are spinning your own wool!).

Now back to catching up in the garden!

RAN218X Ewe Bitterroot Silvie X Autumn Hills Finnegan

Bitterroot Silvie is an AI quad daughter of Barlaes Titan out of Bitterroot Maureen.  Silve produced quads herself this year when bred to Autumn Hills Finnegan. There were two ewes and two ram lambs.  The two ewes will both be registered as Black Patterned - as you can see from this photo.  Not quite as large as some of the other lambs born this spring but catching up fast.  Good bone, good length, good fleece characteristics!

RAN213X Ewe Dana X Carlin

Dana is a Beeston Blackmoor grandaughter bred to an AI son of Carryhouse 281 R1 an Elite plus sire in the UK.  Carlin is solid with excellent bone and good fleece.  Dana is a mid range ewe who fed twins this spring without losing a huge amount of condition.  Easy keeping is perhaps how you would express it.

RAN210X and 211X Koenig Viola X Autumn Hills Finnegan

Not the greatest photo of two of the triplets, but the best I have - if you look on the Female Photo page, you will see a better photo taken in late June I think so there has been quite a bit of growth since then!  Viola is another Beeston Blackmoor daughter bred to Autumn Hills Finnegan ( a Heinz Talisker son- great grandson of Beeston Titan).  Finney is slightly finer boned that Carlin and has an excellent fleece.  Viola nursed all three triplets.  I supplemented them for a period of about 3 weeks before the flock got out on grass and that was all. 

RAN206X Ewe Bokiddick x Carlin

Koenig Bokiddick is a Beeston Blackmoor daughter - that is her hind end in the photo - look at that udder and the shape that it is in on a 2006 model.  This lamb is what - look at the bone and sturdy legs that she has under her.  Another lamb with great fleece and great prospects.

RAN202 Ewe Koenig Mae x Carlin

Lamb is very growthy with excellent fleece prospects.  I am also looking for animals with strong feet and legs.  Koenig Mae is a Beeston Blackmoor daughter which means that she carries colour.  Although this lamb is white, it is possible that she too could produce coloured lambs.  I do have semen coming on a coloured ram from the UK.