September 16, 2011

September Update

I am not sure where August went - we went from the long weekend in August to the long weekend in September in a heartbeat!  Already it is the middle of September and I am busy trying to stay on top of requests for breeding stock, meat orders for market lambs and all of the rest.

There are still one or two ewe lambs from the 2011 crop that are available for sale.  I have selected my replacements and have supplied the needs of most folks on my waiting list.  Mike is encouraging me to keep my numbers in check and so I am trying to convince myself to sell two of my yearling ewes as well.  Both had lambs this spring and did a good job of nursing and mothering them.  Both yearlings have done well on grass this summer and are looking good!

Ram sales are picking up and several are spoken for, but there are still some excellent ram prospects available for fall breeding.  I an thinking about selling both of the herdsires that I used last year.... Bitterroot Carter is an AI son of the Carryhouse R1 E+ ram and I used him on my North Country Cheviot ewes and got some really nice mule lambs.  Kite Knighton is an AI son of the Gigrin Red Kite ram out of a ewe owned by Kelly Ward which means that his bloodlines are different from those of many BFL's available in Canada.

 I have one coloured ram lamb for sale and he is a total outcross coming from Jared Lloyd of Jehovah-Jirah in Colorado.  He has retained his dark colour and is looking great.  He goes back to Beeston Blackmoor - who is his great, grandfather and is out of a ewe with Ward and Starkey breeding.

The lamb in the center is a son of the Kite Knighton ram.  He is showing real promise.  I think his tag number is 250 making him a son a ewe that I purchased from Judy Colvin - Bitterroot Lavelle. 

 Call for details if you are interested - more photos coming in the near future.

PS.  I did shear my market lambs before shipping them and will have a small number of BFL lamb fleeces and BFL x NCC fleeces available in the near future.  Fleeces will be small ( 2-3 lbs) after skirting.  These represent about 5 months of fleece growth so staples are about 2.5 - 3 " in length but exceptionally fine.  If you are interested, send me an email and I will add you to my list.   Prices will start at $12/lb.