November 3, 2010

Rams, rams, rams!

Well, we have just returned from a whirlwind few days travelling out to Fort McLeod Alberta to meet ram buyers from Saskatchewan and drop off a ram lamb (Ranfurly Todd who will become known as "Basil Ranfurly" in his new working life.  All he needs is the addition of a "Sir" to make it even more impressive.)

After getting Todd aka Basil settled, we took some time to have coffee with new owners Mary and Val so that we could have a chance to get acquainted.  We had a great time getting to know each other and hope that all goes well as Todd/Basil makes the transition to herd sire successfully.  He looked great and both Mary and Val were anxious to get him home and put him to work so that they can see what kind of mule crosses he produces for them next spring. 

After Fort McLeod, it was on to Montana to Judy Colvin of Bitterroot Ranch where we picked up two new rams to bring back with us to BC.  One is a Carryhouse son of Judy's and the other is a son of Gigrin Red Kite that I bought from Kelly Ward at the Black Sheep Gathering in June and Judy very kindly boarded for me.  We had a wonderful visit with Judy and David and have our fingers crossed that they may be able to make a trip to BC in 2011 so that we can repay their hospitality!

Crossing the border at Osoyoos was much less stressful than crossing the border last year at Abbotsford. It was a relief to get the boys home last night and give them a bit of rest before we sorted out our breeding groups today.

As we speak they are all on the job so keep your fingers crossed for a productive lambing season in 2011! 

I will get pictures posted in the next couple of days so stay tuned!