April 18, 2018

The Blog is sadly in need of an update!  How time flies and all that .....

1.  I have recently posted pix and info of the skirted fleeces that are currently available.  Click on the 2018 Fleeces tab at the top of this page.

2.  I receive quite a few calls for breeding stock and just wanted to let folks know that there are only limited numbers of animals available as I have severely reduced the size of my flock in the last couple of years.  Predator issues have been the main reason for doing so.  I have at the moment only 4 breeding ewes.  My registered Gotland ewe "Suzie Q" had triplets again this year.  I have a ewe lamb and ram lamb remaining.  My recorded Gotland ewe "5A" had twins - a ewe and a ram.  I have left both of these rams intact as I do often get requests for ram lambs.  I have two Gotland x BFL ewes that had twins  -one a set of ewe lambs and one a set of rams (now wethers).  I have not made any decisions about what I will keep and what will be available for sale - if you are interested, the best time to contact me for more information is probably early July.  Email: ranfurlybfls@gmail.com

It looks like we are finally going to have a bit of sun today for the first time in what seems like weeks, so I am on my outside to enjoy it!  Cheers, Margaret

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