February 5, 2014

Shearing for 2014

Greetings friends on a very bright but cold February morning.  Despite my best intentions to pay more attention to the blog, I have let my entries lapse AGAIN!  Oh well, life happens. 

Shearing is scheduled for mid February .  Fleece quantities will be limited - I think that I will have only 12-14 Bluefaced Leicester fleeces,  5-6  Gotland fleeces and 5 BFL x fleeces available this year and it seems that there are always more requests than there are fleeces available.   Email me if you would like to be confirmed/added to my list of potential purchasers.

Skirted BFL fleeces will start at $14/lb
Skirted Gotland fleeces will start at  $15 ($20/lb for lamb)
Skirted BFL x fleeces will be $10-12/lb

I will be adding a $10 handling fee in addition to the cost of shipping (which seems to run in the the $20- $25 range) in addition to the actual cost of the shipping.

I am planning on selling the Gotland fleeces as half fleeces (split down centre back from neck to tail) as the fleeces are quite heavy AND this allows me to provide fibre to a more people.  I may do the same thing with a few of the BFL fleeces if I have more requests than I can handle.