2016 SALE LIST: Gotland, BFL and Gotland Crosses

Predators have continued to be an issue and I am downsizing!  The following are available for immediate sale.
 81% Gotland Ram born 2013
Fleece is dark to the skin and shows no light tips.  Very dense and heavy fleece.  No temperment issues.  This is the only Gotland ram  available  at this time. 

 CVM (California Varigated Mutant) x Ram born 2015.
I used this ram on my commercial ewes and have been very pleased with the size and growth of the lambs to same nothing of their fleeces.  He has a very mellow disposition.

Registered BFL Ewe BP (coloured) Born 2014 
This ewe has a gorgeous fleece with lots of lustre,  great lock structure and good density.  Well structured ewe with lots of capacity.

Registered White BFL Ewe #4439  Born 2014.  Twins out of Gotland this spring.  Beautiful fleeces on both of them.  Mom has a very fine fleece with lots of perling and crimp.     Shorn in August.  $350
2 BFL-Romney x Gotland yearlings.  Born 2015.  One is light and the other is a darker gray.  Should make wonderful fleece animals as well as producing good sized market lambs.
$325 each

2 BFL X Romney ewes.  Born in 2014.  Both weaned twin lambs this year. Fleeces will be excellent for fibre artists.
$275 each

5 Commercial Ewes 
  • BFL x North Country Cheviot
  • BL (Border Leicester) x
  • BL (Border Leicester) x
  • Romney x
  • Texel x
  • 5-6 years of age.
Produce very spinnable fleeces and also good market lambs.  This years lambs born in March are going to market end of August and look good.  $275 each