September 4, 2013

Where has the summer gone?

Our big summer project on the farm this year was my daughter's wedding to partner Adam Cooke on August 24th.  I am using that as my excuse for the limited number of postings this year.  It was absolutely wonderful and so now, we are are finally ready to turn our minds back to other things!  Of interest:

Butcher Lambs Available
I have a limited number of butcher lambs available this fall.  These are out of my BFL mules crossed with a Charolais ram.  The lambs are looking really good.  We have ten lambs booked in for a mid October slaughter date and they are going quickly.  I am expecting carcasses to range from 45 - 55 pounds.  $6/lb cut, wrapped and frozen.  Call the farm if you are interested.

Commercial Ewe Lambs:
I also have some really nice commercial ewe lambs for sale from this cross ie BFL mules bred to a Charolais ram.  I would love to add them to my own commercial flock but once again we are trying to keep numbers down.  Since I am still anxious to keep as many BFL's and Gotlands as I can there is not much room for expanding my own mule flock.  Lambs were born between March 22 and April 6.  $200/ head